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Vehicle tips for cold weather!

Happy Halloween! Tomorrow being November 1st means the cold brutal weather of Chicago are upon us. A couple things you may want check or fill on your vehicle are:

Tire Air Pressure: Air pressure in your vehicle's tires will decrease in the colder months. You may even get a tire pressure low indicator on the dash. Check the drivers side door jamb for your vehicle's recommended tire pressure. And be sure to add a couple more pounds to them!

Coolant/ Antifreeze: **CAUTION NEVER OPEN WHILE HOT/ PRESSURIZED: Make sure the coolant level on your vehicle is up to the maximum line to insure it is fully topped off! Coolant is very crucial in cold winter months. Check your owners manual for coolant type required. We recommend a Radiator Fluid Exchange every 2 years.

Washer Fluid & Wiper Blades: If your wiper blades are screeching, missing an area on the windshield, ripped, or broken be sure to replace them. Some wiper blade manufactures carry "frame-less" blades. These types of wiper blades keep snow and ice from freezing in the frame area. Make sure to top off washer fluid with -20 or colder washer solvent.

A couple other things would be to check all your bulbs (brake, turn, headlights), have your belts & battery inspected, and get your brakes inspected. The last thing you want during a snow storm is a breakdown.

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