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Appointments at Marco Auto Repair

Hey guys thanks for visiting! If you are a tight on the schedule type person, as i am, it is very important to be timely. When you schedule an appointment with us for service it allows us to schedule out our day to insure timely delivery of the vehicle to our customers. You will have a better understanding as to the time when your vehicle will be completed and arrange for transportation if needed. Some services may require of 3 to 4 hours on our lifts to be completed and you don't want to waste your time driving to us thinking the vehicle will be completed on the same day or even wind up stranded in Melrose Park! Typical wait times here are only around a couple of hours for services like brakes, exhaust, or suspension repairs. While we do not accept appointments for oil changes, expect your vehicle to be completed within 20 minutes once we bring it inside! If you are leaving your vehicle please be sure to let us know the time you will be needing your vehicle back, we would love to try and accommodate.

brake repair

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