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Same day auto repair service in Melrose Park Northlake

Stop in to our Melrose Park location on Grand Ave just east of Wolf Rd for quality same day services with great guarantees. We here at Marco's have changed the way vehicle maintenance and repair services are completed. While we have become a highly recommended auto repair facility in the area we now only offer services which can be completed on the same day in our little 2 bay shop which we have been working out of since 2001! Most vehicle repair services we once offered will still be available less major overhaul or removal of engines and transmissions! Along with revamping our work space (so jobs can be completed smoothly) we have also adjusted our labor rate accordingly. We currently offer an $80 an hour labor rate and that's a great rate for the services we provide. Most shops that perform engine overhauls and electrical tracing can still charge around $100 or more per hour, and that's okay. Our business continues to grow thanks to referrals from our loyal customers and we are happy to be here on a daily basis to help you all stay on the road! We thank you for visiting our website and welcome new customers. Check out our "tags" on this page for a short list of services offered!

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