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4th of July road trip Do's & Don'ts

The week including July 4th is a popular time for vacations. Having the holiday smack in the middle of the week this year may encourage you and your family to take the whole week off, or maybe half, for a holiday or vacation. Here are some do’s and don’ts about prepping your car, truck or van for better, safer travel during the often-hot holiday:

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* Do Check Air Conditioning – Problems can arise when a small leak depletes coolant from the cooling system. Be sure to have your system checked for a full charge of refrigerant before hitting the road. * Do Check Tire Pressure – Tire pressures fluctuate as temperatures change, especially when it’s over 100 degrees on the road surface. Tires that are over- or under-inflated, worn in spots or not aligned properly can be dangerous, especially at highway speeds. So check yours carefully. * Do Check Fluid Levels – Our full service oil change at Marco Auto Repair in Melrose Park includes topping off of all accessible fluids. Proper fluid levels will ensure your vehicle won’t overheat or cause other problems that can ruin your trip. * Don’t Put Water In Your Radiator – It’s a popular misconception that it’s OK to put water in your radiator if it needs fluid in the summer. This can cause your radiator to be vulnerable to cracks when winter freezes come. Use only proper radiator fluid or antifreeze in your vehicle year round. * Do Change Your Oil Regularly – We recommend replacing your vehicles engine oil every 3,000 miles. If you wish to go longer, we offer full synthetic oil which is better for your vehicle and lasts longer than conventional motor oils. Clean oil means a better-performing engine that lasts more years and protects your investment. * Don’t Neglect Your Air Filter – Depending on driving conditions, air filters can get dirty sooner than expected and reduce fuel efficiency significantly. Be sure to have your air filter checked whenever you change your oil and replace it as needed. * Do Check Your Battery – Keep your battery clean and correctly filled with fluids for best results. A dead battery when you are miles from home is something you do not want when you are traveling. * Don’t Forget Windshield Wipers – Worn wipers do not sweep clean, and this can cause vision problems if you’re traveling in the rain. Summer heat can make them dry and brittle. Check them out and replace them if necessary before your trip. We stock the full line of Bosch Clear Advantage wiper blades. * Do Be Prepared For Emergencies – Carry emergency supplies, including hats, extra water and sunscreen that are easily accessible just in case you have a breakdown or other vehicular problems on your trip. * Do Have a Great Trip! Following these car care tips will help ensure your summer vacation is safe, pleasant and relaxing for you and your family.

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